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Original price was: £ 22,94.Current price is: £ 17,19.

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Jade Roller is one of the most beautiful stones on the earth, it gives you energy and relaxes you. For thousands of years, man has been using this kind of rock to relax and become more beautiful.
This Jade Roller is a product that can be used for different situations. It reduces acne, headache, stress, puffiness, and wrinkles. It also has a positive effect on circulation, which makes your skin softer. Jade Gua Sha Scraper The Jade Gua Sha Scraper can be used for your entire body.
With this stone, you can put more pressure on your skin and this can make it feel even cooler.  Ideal to improve circulation.
The shape of the Jade Gua Sha Scraper is tailored to the contours of your face and body.
It relaxes your muscles and reduces age characteristics such as wrinkles and lines.
What makes Jade so special?


Genesis Lifestyle is founded by Louisa Manyah-Neuteboom a Ghanaian origin living in Europe. Her love and respect for her Motherland brought her to spread all the good that the African soil has to offer. All ingredients are sourced from all corners of Africa. The formulation of our products are tested by European recognized lab





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