Welcome to Genesis Lifestyle

The company was founded on a dream based off of two scriptures which can be found in the books of  Genesis 1:11-31 and Ezekiel 47:12, where it is written that “In the beginning when God created heaven and earth, He created vegetation, plants, seeds and fruit bearing trees, so the man and woman whom he created can nourish, sustain themselves and multiply” and “all these gifts inherited by man and woman from God shall be their sanctuary, food and medicine”

The combination of these powerful scriptures is the reason why among many which appear in several Holy Books and others to Louisa; and her capabilities, Genesis Lifestyle Shop B.V was born. The company is established to nourish the body of man, woman and their future generation. Whilst providing opportunities to generate sustainability to herself, her stakeholders and a healthy lifestyle to her customers internationally.   Louisa’s dreams and entrepreneurship captures the purpose and existence of Genesis Lifestyle Shop B.V.


Environmental & Social Responsivity

Genesis’s hair and skin care products are 100% organic and vegan based.  All ingredients are sourced from all corners of Africa. The formulation of our products are tested by European recognized lab, approved and certified by the FDA.  The products are certified by Fairtrade to ensure sustainable and equitable trade in our business chain and have Ecocert and Organic certification to verify that Genesis Lifestyle Shop B.V products are of organic nature.

As company that sources and trades in African products, Genesis Lifestyle Shop B.V has taken the responsibility to give back to its sources. The company ensures that the natural resources that were used for production are restored to the earth, for the continuation of the circle of life and sustainability.

Genesis Lifestyle Shop B.V believes in empowering the community that it engages in business with, and is conscious to create employment and wellbeing therein.   Genesis Lifestyle BV donates 5% of its net profit to these communities, especially to those that focus on helping girls, women, children and the elderly.

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Business Format

Genesis Lifestyle Shop B.V sells its products directly to its consumers worldwide, by using  various international logistic companies. But it has recruited and continues to franchise, recruit suitable regional independent distributors and Consultants to sell and represent themselves under its umbrella. The company also offers any African based businesses with common values to trade their products and services on its online platform.